Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx?

Are your shoe collection and closet overflowing with old kicks that you never wear? Are you hesitant to part with your limited edition or rare shoes because you’re not sure how to sell them? So, can you sell used shoes on stockx?

Yes, you can sell used shoes on StockX. StockX considers all shoes sold on its platform to be “deadstock,” which means they are new and unworn at the time of sale. Deadstock shoes must include the original box, box lid, and box label with the shoe size.

StockX authenticates all used shoes, including sneakers with defects. However, some pairs may pass StockX’s verification even if they are unlaced, tried on, or have slight flaws.

According to a Reddit user, you can sell shoes if they are free of signs of wear. They also recommend putting tape on the inner sole to remove any dust.

Now let’s dive deeper into the world of selling used shoes on this innovative platform.

Are there Used Shoes on StockX?

StockX has an extensive process in place to guarantee the authenticity of any used shoes sold on their platform. This procedure involves multiple steps, which are outlined below:

  • Before being shipped to the buyer, sellers must first send their shoes to StockX for thorough verification. This ensures that the item is genuine and accurately described by the seller.
  • StockX employs a team of experts who carefully inspect each pair of shoes for any signs of wear, damage, or counterfeiting. They also confirm that the shoes are “deadstock,” meaning they are brand new and have never been worn.
  • The team meticulously checks for any discrepancies between the shoe’s description and its actual condition. If any issues are found, the seller is promptly notified and given the option to cancel the sale or adjust the price accordingly.
  • Once successfully passing the verification process, the shoes are then shipped to the buyer with a StockX authentication tag securely attached.

In addition to this rigorous verification process, buyers also have the option to send their purchase back to StockX for further authentication if they have any doubts about its legitimacy. If found to be inauthentic, StockX offers a full refund and permanently bans the seller from their platform.

Apart from these measures, StockX also has a team of experts continuously monitoring for counterfeit items on their platform. They also collaborate with brands and law enforcement agencies to prevent fake products from being sold on their site.

Can You Sell Used Shoes on StockX?

Yes, you are able to sell used shoes on StockX, but there are specific criteria that must be met for them to be listed on the platform. Here is the process for selling used shoes on StockX and the requirements that must be met:

  • Start by Creating an Account: In order to start selling on StockX, the first step is to create an account on their website.
  • List Your Shoes: Once your account has been successfully set up, you can then list your used shoes for sale on the platform. You have two options: setting a fixed price or opting for bidding.
  • Meet the Requirements: StockX has a strict set of requirements for used shoes that can be listed on their platform. The shoes must be in “deadstock” condition, meaning they have never been worn and still have their original packaging and accessories.
  • Authenticity Check: After a buyer has made a purchase of your shoes, they will be sent to StockX for an authenticity check. This includes an expert inspection and collaboration with both brands and law enforcement to prevent the circulation of counterfeit products.
  • Adhere to Packaging Guidelines: As a seller, it is crucial to follow the strict packaging guidelines set by StockX in order to ensure the safe delivery of the shoes to the buyer.
  • No Returns or Exchanges: Due to the real-time market on StockX being anonymous, they do not allow swaps, exchanges or refunds. Therefore, it is extremely important to accurately represent the condition of your used shoes in order to avoid any potential issues with the buyer.
  • Rejection and Fees: Any indication of use or wear on the shoes may result in rejection by StockX and could incur a 15% service fee for the seller. That’s why it’s essential to precisely depict the condition of your shoes to avoid this additional fee.
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By following these steps and meeting all of the necessary requirements, you will be able to successfully sell your used shoes on StockX. It’s important to note that the company strictly prohibits the sale of factory seconds or B-grade shoes on their platform.

StockX Deadstock Sneaker: What is it?

A brand new pair of shoes that has never been worn or used is what’s known as a deadstock sneaker.

These rare and coveted items are highly sought after by collectors and resellers alike, making them the holy grail for shoe enthusiasts. And when it comes to selling these pristine shoes, there’s no better platform than StockX.

With its large base of buyers who are willing to pay top dollar, StockX offers a lower commission fee, a thorough authentication process, and an easy-to-use interface for both buyers and sellers.

How to Find Used Shoes on StockX

Finding the perfect pair of used shoes on StockX can be a daunting task, but fear not, for I have compiled some tips to make your search easier and more efficient. Follow these steps to find your ideal pair:

  • Sign up for the newsletter: Don’t miss out on new listings for the shoes you’re looking for by subscribing to StockX’s newsletter. Simply provide your email address and necessary details to receive updates and notifications.
  • Utilize the search bar: Type in the name or model of the specific shoes you’re after in StockX’s search bar. This will filter the results, showing only the exact pair you desire.
  • Refine your search: Use the filter options on the left side of the page to further narrow down your search based on size, condition, price range, and other preferences.
  • Explore curated collections: StockX has curated collections of popular shoe models, including Nike Air Jordans and Adidas Yeezys. Browse these collections to find your dream pair.
  • Stay updated on new releases: Check out StockX’s “new releases” section for recently dropped shoes that are in high demand.
  • Check seller ratings: When browsing listings, be sure to check out the seller’s ratings and reviews from previous buyers to ensure a smooth transaction.
  • Download the StockX app: Take advantage of StockX’s marketplace through their user-friendly app, which offers all the same features as their website.
  • Look beyond StockX: If you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for on StockX, consider checking other platforms like eBay, Grailed, or Kixify for alternative options.

StockX Shoe Condition: What Condition Do Shoes Have to be to Sell on StockX?

When it comes to selling shoes on StockX, the platform has a strict policy in place. Only new, unworn, and ‘deadstock’ shoes are accepted for sale, meaning that they must be in their original condition with no signs of wear and all packaging intact. This ensures the authenticity and consistency of products traded on the platform.

Can You Sell Used Shoes On Stockx-2

But what exactly do these terms mean? Let’s take a closer look at each condition and whether it is accepted on StockX.

Shoe Condition Description Accepted on StockX?
New Brand new shoes that have never been worn. Yes
Unworn New shoes that have been tried on but not actually worn outside. Yes
Deadstock New shoes that have never been worn and are in their original condition with all packaging intact. Yes
Used/Worn Shoes that have been previously worn and show signs of wear. No
Damaged/Defective Shoes that have any type of damage or defect. No
Fake/Replica Shoes that are not authentic and are replicas of the original design. No

As you can see, only new, unworn, and deadstock shoes are accepted on StockX. This means that any used or worn shoes, as well as shoes with any damage or defects, cannot be sold on the platform.

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This strict policy not only ensures the authenticity of products for buyers, but also maintains the value and quality for sellers.

Remember, StockX’s high standards for shoe conditions are in place to uphold their reputation as a leading marketplace in the industry.

StockX Used Shoes: What Happens if You Sell Used Shoes on StockX?

There are both possible perks and risks to selling used shoes on StockX. One clear benefit is the chance to make extra money by selling old or useless shoes. StockX is also a well-known and trustworthy online store where people can buy and sell used shoes, so there is already a group of people who might be interested in buying. When compared to trying to sell on other sites, this can save a lot of time and work.

The safe place that StockX offers for both buyers and sellers is one of the best things about it. With approved sellers and security measures in place, both parties can be sure that the deals will be safe. Also, buyers can see their past sales information, which lets them keep track of their income and see how popular their shoes are, which can help them decide what to sell in the future.

There are, however, some risks that come with selling used shoes on StockX. To keep buyers from being unhappy, sellers must be honest about the shoes’ state and include clear pictures. If the shoes’ state doesn’t match what was mentioned, you could get bad feedback or even have to send them back. StockX also takes 9.5% of each sale as a fee, which could cut into income.

On StockX, how quickly a pair of used shoes sells can also depend on how popular that pair is. People who want to buy popular shoes may sell them fast, while people who don’t want to buy those shoes may have to wait longer. The Sell Now feature lets you sell the item right away at a set price, but it might not always work or be available if the offering doesn’t meet certain requirements or if the shoe model isn’t acceptable.

The sellers are also in charge of making sure the shoes are clean and germ-free before sending them out. If you don’t do this, buyers might be unhappy with the sale, which can take time and work.

StockX Rules for Shoe Conditions

StockX primarily focuses on selling new, unworn, and deadstock shoes. However, they do accept a few other shoe conditions for selling used shoes, including “Excellent” and “Good”. These conditions are defined as follows:

  • Excellent: Shoes in excellent condition are considered lightly worn with minimal signs of wear and tear. This may include minor scuffs or creases, but no visible stains or major damage. The shoe must also be clean and free from any unpleasant odors.
  • Good: Shoes in good condition are considered to have been worn more frequently and show more signs of wear and tear compared to shoes in excellent condition. This may include visible scuffs, creases, and small stains, but no major damage or excessive wear. The shoe must also be clean and free from any unpleasant odors.
Condition Description
New/Deadstock Shoes that have never been worn and are in their original condition.
Excellent Lightly worn with minimal signs of wear and tear. Minor scuffs or creases allowed, but no visible stains or major damage.
Good Worn more frequently with visible signs of wear and tear such as scuffs, creases, and small stains. No major damage or excessive wear allowed.

When listing their used shoes on StockX, sellers must accurately describe the condition of their shoes in order to maintain transparency and avoid any potential issues with buyers.

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It is also important to note that all shoes must still be authentic and in their original packaging to be accepted for sale on the platform.

StockX Rules for Shoe Conditions: What Happens if You Break the Rules

If you want to sell used shoes on StockX, you must follow the platform’s rules and guidelines for shoe situations. Not following these rules could lead to harsh punishments like fines and maybe even being unable to use the app again in the future.

Breaking StockX’s rules on shoe conditions could get you a 15% fine on the sale price and keep you from using the site in the future. This changes both the current deal and your future chances of being able to sell on StockX.

StockX only lets people sell brand-new or “deadstock” (never worn) shoes on their site. This means that any signs of use or wear, like dirt, scratches, or folds, will not be allowed. These strict rules make sure that buyers get real, high-quality shoes.

Additionally, the shoes must be in perfect shape, with no obvious signs of damage or wear. This means keeping the original box whole and unharmed. Before letting a pair of shoes go on sale on StockX, the team carefully checks each one to make sure it is real and of good quality.

It’s important to know that StockX does not allow any kind of trade, swap, or return. But if a seller no longer wants to keep a pair of shoes they bought from StockX, they can sell them again on the platform as long as they follow the same rules for shoe conditions.

Top Alternatives to StockX for Shoe Sales

When it comes to buying and selling shoes, StockX is not the only player in the game.

Other platforms and websites like Stadium Goods, GOAT, eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee service in collaboration with Sneaker Con, Vestiaire Collective for luxury goods, The RealReal for verifying the authenticity of luxury items, Poshmark for social commerce with features similar to Instagram, and Depop for buying and selling second-hand clothes with a touch of social media.

Flight Club is another strong competitor that joined forces with GOAT in 2018, forming a major player in the sneaker resale industry.

Other noteworthy companies include Vinted and thredUP for secondhand clothing sales, Farfetch for discounted high-end products, Ox Street for Southeast Asian sneaker culture, Facebook Marketplace for local peer-to-peer transactions, and top brands like Nike and Adidas NMD.

Additionally, Carousel Group recently acquired Ox Street to continue their development in Greater Southeast Asia. However, it’s crucial to do thorough research and compare each platform to find the best fit for your specific needs when it comes to buying or selling shoes.


Finally, if you have a bunch of old or sought-after shoes that are just sitting in your closet gathering dust, StockX is the place to sell them. StockX makes it easy for buyers and sellers to do business by requiring strict registration and having users from all over the world.

They are different from other online markets because they have a unique way of labeling items and are always looking into fake fashion trends. This makes them the best choice for sneaker fans. StockX makes it easy to sell your used shoes by having an easy-to-use layout and a smooth shipping process.

Don’t throw away those old shoes; give them a second chance on StockX. It will not only earn you extra money, but it will also free up space in your closet for new pieces. Buyers can also be sure that every item on StockX is 100% real and original because the company only accepts new, unused, and deadstock shoes.

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