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I am Gerald M. Sweeney, an aficionado of the sartorial arts. My journey into fashion started in 2008. It was during this epoch that I started the odyssey of curating the digital realm you see today.

My digital domain was started out as a way to share musical harmonies and product reviews. Sadly, those compositions have since vanished into the dustbin of time, overtaken by my increasing obsession with the sneakers.

My first venture into sneaker collecting started with buying a set of Newcastle SB Dunks, a collectible by fans of the sport. The voluminous collection of articles in this digital tome, which runs through about 2022, includes appraisals of vintage sneakers.

A sanctum dedicated to the sneaker, nurtured by my fervor, flourished, amassing a devoted congregation of enthusiasts. Regrettably, in the unforgiving midst of 2021, this particular sanctuary was summarily extinguished. Undaunted, I redirected my efforts to turn this digital agora into a well of wisdom, to answer the numerous questions of the wandering seekers of only knowledge.

Along with this particular textual exposition, I launched a sonic project: the “Actual Fan of Sneakers” podcast for fellow sneaker acolytes. Furthermore, I proffer the spoils of my bargain-hunting endeavors through this very digital realm.

My wanderings in sneaker collecting haven’t gone unnoticed. My honors include a laudatory ode written in a periodical and Collector of the Month in Solecollector Magazine. Unfortunately, I still have fond recollections of the Adidas Busenitz pairs featured in that issue.

My curiosity about sneaker collecting fluctuates, though I continue writing literary pieces, postpone serendipitous bargains, and broadcast brand new episodes of the auditory odyssey that is “Actual Fan of Sneakers.” I aspire for this digital repository to serve as your guiding beacon in times of sneaker-related inquiries.

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